Chenega R900 Drone System: A Multi-Mission UAV

The Responder R900 drone was designed with Responder’s unique quick payload change technology, enabling modules to be changed quickly and easily to ensure that it is equipped to fit the need of every mission. We offer four main payloads; Disruptor, which can be utilized for EOD and IEED in elevated and inaccessible locations; Sparrowhawk, which has counter-UAV capabilities, able to stop autonomous UAV’s up to 20kg; Courier, which is able to carry, deploy, and retrieve payloads in the field; and Luminator, the search and rescue module capable of illuminating a 500m2 at 30m. All of these payloads are designed to be interchanged by one man in minutes or less.

Using an EOIR camera system, from the moment of launch the drone relays live and reliable EOIR video, day or night, to the team on the ground enabling aerial operational control and informed decision making. Teams can quickly sweep an area, monitor a situation, identify any targets and remain vigilant to any change.

The Responder R900 drone is controlled via the GCS-Lite (Ground Control Station, pictured below), which was ergonomically designed to be worn by one person and powered by its twin ‘quick change’ battery pack. The GCS light weight (5kg) and compact build allows your pilots the freedom to move as they wish to ensure that they maintain their perfect vantage point, maximizing control over their UAV at all times.

Technical Specification 

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