Chenega Europe to showcase Intelligence Led Police Training Programs at SCTX 2019

Intelligence Gathering

The opportunity to gather intelligence by law enforcement presents itself in many ways. There are varying standards throughout the world on the protocols required to be safe and successful in this field.  What should be common to all is the requirement to make sense of what is gathered and to have a plan to manage, store and disseminate that intelligence appropriately. Implementing some relatively simple structures can assist with this vital aspect of law enforcement. These structures must be auditable and withstand scrutiny or oversight.  At Chenega Europe we ensure that they are.

The heaviest criticism of any law enforcement agency often comes post attack or incident especially when loss of life occurs. The Government of the United States of America faced heavy criticism post 9/11 for intelligence gathering failures around the management and dissemination of intelligence pre-attack. In Northern Ireland, the police have received criticism for not having structures around the management and storage of intelligence that could be audited post conflict.


If it’s not written down it didn’t happen” – Michael Mansfield QC



Communities expect that law enforcement will gather intelligence in order to keep them safe. Law enforcement must therefore strive to maintain a current picture of the criminality ongoing in their country and seek intelligence led opportunities to detect or disrupt that activity. To fail to do so would be neglectful of the core duty of law enforcement to prevent harm and protect property.

HUMINT sources are an invaluable asset in the law enforcement tool box, but only if deployed correctly. HUMINT sources can add to, or complete a richer picture of what those who seek to harm are planning. They also present significant risk to law enforcement’s professional reputation if they are not managed correctly.

At Chenega Europe, we offer bespoke training in Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS) / Human Intelligence (HUMINT) recruitment, assessment and management techniques by seasoned law enforcement practitioners using the latest trade-craft techniques which incorporate a unique psychological model.

Chenega Europe will be showcasing our HUMINT / CHIS training offerings that are tailored to each client’s needsat SCTX 2019 Security & Counter Terror Expo this March 5-6. Training in this area is modular and will enable or enhance our client’s professional intelligence gathering capability. The training concentrates on Motivation, Identification, Recruitment, Authorisation and Management.


Attendees of SCTX 2019 Security & Counter Terror Expo will be able to talk to the Chenega Europe’s training team about their training requirements at booth B41 from 5 - 6 March at Olympia, London.

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